Symptoms & Causes of a Clogged Heater Core

Heater Mode is mostly required in winter and rainy season due to the presence of cold in an environment. Sometimes heat produced in the air conditioning system is not enough as expected. At that time, there may be a possibility of a clogged heater core.

Heater core is the most important part of the heating system. Its failure can’t be neglected if we consider the required heat. In this condition, you have to be familiar with actual problems regarding the heater core.

In this article, We have discussed symptoms and causes of a clogged heater core which would be helpful for every vehicle associated person. Let’s see what are the signs and reasons of a failed heater core. 

Symptoms of a clogged heater core.

1 – Absence of Heat (No heat)

It is the most common sign that anyone can feel inside a vehicle. Absence of heat is generally caused by improper flow of a coolant through the heater core.

Clogging is a common reason for failed working of a heater core. So You have to check the problem as early as possible by flushing or replacing it.

2 – Not enough Heat

This sign indicates the partial clogging of a heater core. Heater core is working but not as what is expected for us. If we feel the improper hotness inside the vehicle then heater core must be checked. Flushing might be the solution for this symptom.

3 – Overheating

If vehicle’s temperature gauge is showing high temperature immediately after short running then perhaps it could be caused by a clogged heater core. It is not the main and only cause for overheating.

Overheating causes are mostly related with the cooling system’s fault. Clogged heater core is a cause which is just helpful to one of the probable reasons.

Causes of a clogged Heater Core

1 – Rust Formation

Rust formation due to any cause of the heater core can be the reason for clogging. Heat exchange then becomes a problem for heating purpose.

Coolant’s bad quality and its longer use is responsible for rust or scale build-up inside the heater core tubes.

2 – Oil & coolant gets mixed up

Clogging can be a sign due to the sludge Formation also. A Sludge is formed by mixing up oil & coolant. As cooling system starts to function, this sludge is spread throughout the system.

Heater core is also affected by a sludge. If amount / density of a sludge is too much, further it results into a clogging of a heater core.

3 – Stop Leak Product

If there is any type of leak present in the coolant system, then we offer or apply the stop leak products to that leak. That product itself creates the resistance to the flow of a coolant.

It means there is a possibility of clogging of a heater core too. Vehicle’s radiator also gets clogged in the same way.

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