Code P0442 – DTC, Its Symptoms & Causes

In this article, We have discussed Code P0442, Its Symptoms, Causes, and How to Fix Methods.

Check Engine Light, if it gets illuminated then we have got the indication about the engine or electronic failure. The car must not be driven after that. It can be harmful to engine components.

As earlier has been said, This article is about the P0442 code. P0442 code describes the trouble of the Evaporative Emissions System in which the medium leak has been detected. Whereas Code P0455 indicates the “large” leak and P0456 indicates the “small” leak.

The Evaporative Emission system reduces the harmful hydrocarbons by redirecting the exhaust gases into the combustion chamber.

Symptoms of Code P0442

• Check Engine Light –

This is the most common symptom of any trouble in a vehicle system. Failed system components or their Improper working gets noticed by the sensor and sends the signal about it as the indication of Check Engine Light.

• Fuel Smell –

This symptom you can handle with your sensory nose. If you smell the fuel hard enough to notice some fuel leakage, then the probable solution could be found out.

• Emission Test Failure –

Evaporative emission system trouble could be considered by finding the failure in Emission Test. This symptom is found for many other trouble codes but Specifically, if you diagnosed as P0442 DTC, then This symptom is surely considered for a medium leak in the Evaporative emission system.

Causes of Code P0442

• Defective Fuel Cap –

Damaged, Missing, or Loose Fuel Cap is the most possible reason for the code P0442. For this, You should be aware of locking the fuel cap properly.

• Defective EVAP Components –

An EVAP system consists of the sealing parts, gaskets, and hoses viz. all the clamps and O-rings, valves, gaskets, hoses, and the sensor.

If any damage happened to these parts, medium leakage gets started which results in the code P0442. Damaged parts might be the Worn clamps or O-rings, Torn EVAP hose or carbon canister, Vent valve, or purge valve leaking.

• Fuel Tank Sending Unit failure –

Gasket or Seal leakage of the fuel tank sending unit could be the reason for flashing the check engine light of the code P0442.

• Defective fuel tank pressure sensor –

Sensor if gets failed then also the inaccurate reading signal has been sent to the ECU. This results in the check engine light being illuminated.

• Damaged fuel tank –

Damaged fuel Tank itself creates the problem and also becomes the serious cause for the P0442 code.

How to Fix – (Fixing the Code P0442)

Fixing any code could actually be an easier process if you follow the right process. Just Observe the Symptoms initially and if you got the information about all the symptoms, there will be a chance of knowing the possible causes of it.

Now just follow the process or work according to the causes of that code. Following methods would be the fixing techniques for Code P0442.

1 – Total Inspection of the Fuel Cap and if needed Replace it.

2 – Inspect the fuel line from the fuel Tank also Check the sealing of the fuel
sending unit.

3 – Check for Fuel Tank pressure Sensor and if needed, Replace It.

4 – Check all the Components in the EVAP system (for leakage or Damage)

The above number of methods could also be observed in scanning / diagnostic tools. You can follow the suggestions or Process accordingly same as mentioned in it.

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