Hydrolocked Engine Symptoms & Causes

In this article, We have discussed the What is Hydrolocked Engine, Its Symptoms and Causes.

Every Car owner thinks that Car’s Engine should perform the work at an optimum and potential level without any damage anyhow. But it is just a mechanical arrangement, So if adverse conditions and mechanical faults are present there, You can’t even predict the Engine’s lifelong run.

In the rainy season, if the car is gone through the water contaminated at the height of half of the car, it’s not good for the engine. The engine may get “Hydrolocked”.

Another scenario is If coolant comes into the cylinder, Engine gets Hydrolocked. Anything could happen to the internal parts of the engine due to the fluid came into the engine.

What is Hydrolocked Engine?

Fluid is incompressible, So it doesn’t allow the piston to work properly inside the engine. Also, the other engine components may not work well. Further, it results in the Lock of the engine. Any Movement of rotating/moving parts is not possible due to this hydrolock.

The engine is getting hard to start. Compression is no more available to move the piston. So if you ignore this condition then Engine could be in a condition of stalling (Engine Stall).

Passible Damages in Hydrolocking –

• Cracked cylinder head
• Cracked cylinder wall
• Bent connecting rods
• Piston Damage
• Damaged bearings
• Damaged crankshaft

Symptoms of a Hydrolocked Engine

• Car won’t Start –

The first and foremost symptom is car won’t start normally. If starts, It affects the engine performance and various noises start to come like knocking & hammering.

If fluid content is more then Car won’t start anyway because compression didn’t come into play.

• Engine Stalling –

Initially, Car won’t start sometimes but if you ignore the problem, Engine stall could be the possibility which is not good for anything.

Causes of a Hydrolocked Engine

• Water

A flood could be the reason for such a cause. If your car is exposed to heavy rain or flood, Then the water comes through an Engine’s intake manifold to the cylinders.

• Coolant

Head gasket failure lead to the coolant’s introduction to the cylinder. This may lead to exhaust emissions, poor performance, and damaged internal components of the engine. This results in the heat up the engine due to lesser coolant present after burning in the cylinder.

It tends to time and money-consuming work of the car’s engine Viz. Replacing the head gasket, piston rings, oil rings. Engine Head or block damage could also be possible if you drive the car with ignorance of symptoms of the hydro locking.

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