Root Causes of Braking Failure that Pull a car to the Left or Right

In this article, We have discussed the Root Causes of Braking Failure that Pull a car to the Left or Right.

The car tends to go right or left when we apply brakes, This condition is so dangerous as we don’t know what are the outer circumstances around the car.

Braking failures should be considered and diagnosed as early as possible because it is a very adverse situation to us and others also if an accident occurs.

Symptom, you’ve known that braking system malfunctions. But what are the causes for it? you have to familiar with them. Following are the Root Causes of braking Failure that Pull a car either left or Right.

5 Reasons Your Car Pulls to Right or Left (When Braking)

1 – Stuck Brake Caliper

It is a Potential cause for braking Failure that Pulls the car to one side. Caliper functions well as caliper pins work better if those pins get stuck then braking starts to function abnormally.

You can either replace the caliper system or Pins.

2 – Worn Brake Pads

“Worn Brake Pads” is another main cause which most commonly observed in any car if you don’t give any attention to the braking system while servicing the car.

If a One-sided (Right or Left) caliper gets stuck then brake pads start to wear quickly on that side. So Worn Brake pads and stuck caliper are the reasons for pulling the car on any one side when one applies the brake.

3 – Brake Hose/Pipe Failure

Sometimes, Brake hose leakage or damaged brake hose might be the reason for Braking Failure. Brake fluid has to be circulated and should not be contaminated when braking. If the brake pipe is damaged then the flow and pressure of the fluid are getting restricted.

4 – Brake Pad Mismatch

The brake pad set should be the same. If you replace any one of them with a different type of pad, surely the friction coefficient of pads would be different. In this case, You can’t get the same performance from all the pads.

So the braking effect will be different than you imagine. It could be the pulling of the car right or left. Be careful about mismatching the brake pads.

5 – Suspension, Tire Pressure or Wheel Bearing Failure (Other than braking system)

If you really didn’t find any fault in the braking system, such causes might be other than braking components. Failed or Faulty Suspension part (Component or Bush), Improper Tire Pressure or Wheel bearing failure, These causes are some of them.

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