P0449 Code – DTC, Its Symptoms & Causes

In this article, We have discussed the topic P0449 Code – DTC, Its Symptoms, Causes & How to Fix methods.

Check Engine light is a real problem regarding a car’s engine or electronic system. You would get into a dilemma when you see that light & also know that It’s not possible to drive the car more further.

Check Engine light, either small or large issue in a car but got to be solved because ECM considers it as a fault and starts to work around that fault, perhaps that work would not be good for the engine.

P0449 Code describes the Evaporative Emission System Vent Valve / Solenoid Circuit fault.

There are many sensors and solenoids to monitor the working of the emission system, if they indicate the light then hoses and vents in the system need to be checked while we face the problem of DTC – P0449.

Symptoms of Code P0449

• Check Engine light –

Any Trouble code does have an indication of the check engine light. This is the symptom after which you can’t drive your car. You have to fix the code first then feel safe with the car.

• Emission Test Failure –

This code is considered as a defect related with evaporative Emissions system. This can be clearly symptomized with emission test.

If the emission test goes failed then you have to check and find the problem regarding the evaporative emission system by inspecting all the system connections.

• Fuel Odor –

If any damaged, missing, or torn component of the whole fuel system is observed then there is a chance of fuel odor to come out. You can easily get the smell of fuel. You need to check out which component has leakage or damage.

Causes of Code P0449 –

There is a shortage of symptoms but having too many causes for the code P0449. General Causes are related to the failure of the fuel system and components like fuel cap, fuel tank, fuel filler neck, vent valve, carbon canister, fuel tank sending unit gasket/seal, EVAP hoses. They may be as follows –

• Missing or Damaged Fuel Cap.

• Defective evaporative vent valve

• Damaged fuel tank

• Damaged carbon canister

• Defective fuel tank sending unit gasket/seal

• Damaged EVAP hoses

How to Fix the code P0449 –

Just be aware of symptoms & follow the diagnosis process regarding all the causes of code P0449. The diagnostic tool can also show the process related to this DTC problem. Fixing the code would be the process according to the following points –

• Full Inspection of Fuel Cap
• Fuel Odor / Smell
• fuel tank filler neck
• Other Components of fuel system
• EVAP hoses
• Check carbon canister or a defective fuel sending unit or gasket.

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