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Compatibility of DOT 5 Brake Fluid । DOT 5 vs DOT 4 vs DOT 3 Brake fluid




Every car has different characteristics of brake system in terms of use of the brake fluid. Some older cars have DOT 3 compatibility and recent cars have DOT 4 compatibility. There are so many talkings nowadays regarding DOT 5 Brake fluid and it’s compatible cars. 

There is a nomenclature regarding the standards of the brake fluid. As we previously have known about DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids, There are some concerns with both of them, Which one should be used for modern cars or the latest braking systems?

Chemical compounds have much higher complex structure in DOT 5 brake fluid. These fluids are silicone-based fluids. Previous DOT fluids are made of poly glycols but these DOT 5 and DOT 5.1 fluids are consisting of silicon and dye into it additionally with glycols. This brake fluid has a purple color. 

Brake lines and the whole system is made with metals so any chemical which comes into contact with the system, affects that system internally. 

Brake fluid also is a chemical and it is compatible for braking components but slightly changes into chemicals and its content can be harmful to the components. But the good news about DOT 5 fluid is that it doesn’t make any harm to the brake system due to silicon’s presence in it. There would be no chemical reactions internally between fluid and metals. 

Silicone-based fluids do not absorb moisture anyway so fluid does not get contaminated due to moisture. DOT 4 brake fluid has this concern about getting contaminated. DOT 3 fluid doesn’t have this concern but it is not suitable for higher temperatures. 

The boiling point of DOT 5 is higher than DOT 3 and DOT 4 so This fluid is sustainable at higher temperatures and in long runnings of the car. The another problem is there with previous DOT fluids that fluids damage the paint of the cars body if it comes in contact with body. This problem is also not there with DOT 5 brake fluid. 

DOT 5 brake fluid is the premium lifetime fluid but it also has negative sides. 

• Costs for these fluids are 5 times higher than DOT 3 and DOT 4. 
• You can’t mix this fluid with DOT 3 or DOT 4 then there is a possibility of sludge formation which is very harmful to the brake system. 
• If you want to use this fluid for your car, you must remove all the previous fluid otherwise brake system will be affected by the mixing of both fluids.
• Don’t use directly this fluid to your car. Check the compatibility of the brake system with this fluid from the nearest Dealership’s service station. 
• New models of car which are compatible with this fluid, you can think about buying them.


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