Symptoms of Brake Fluid Leak । Signs that tell you the brake fluid is leaked

Brake fluid Leak Symptoms can be easily noticed and should be repaired as soon as possible because brakes are the most important parts of any vehicle. Brakes control the vehicle regarding driveability. Your safety is assured in terms of working on the brake system.

Brake fluid is pressurised through brake hoses to the piston within calliper to apply brake against rotor disc by the pedal we press with the help of brake pads. So brake fluid should be optimum in level. If any leakage of brake fluid occurs then this entire brake system won’t work properly therefore you should be aware of these symptoms.

The spongy feel of the brake pedal.

The brake warning light is flashed in the instrument panel of the dashboard.

Stopping Distance is increased.

Brake pedal completely goes down to the floor.

Drops of fluid or puddle are observed around the wheel or on the wheel.

What are the Symptoms of Brake Fluid Leak?

1 – Spongy Brake Pedal

Brake pedal seems like spongy or soft on pressing. This notation is prime in this leakage state. The fluid is pressurised by pressing the pedal but due to leakage, the brake is not operated properly and the pedal starts to behave squishily. 
Brake lines or hoses should be full with brake fluid but not with a gap or air trap. This air trap is there because some opening in the brake lines is present there.

2 – Brake Warning Light 

The brake warning light is ON. It is not a surety sign that brake fluid leakage is there but maybe a lower fluid level indication shows that there might be a chance of leakage. 
After that flashing light, you have to check the level of brake fluid. 

3 – Stopping Distance is more

If you failed to notice the spongy brake then this symptom you can easily be aware with. You are pushing the pedal properly but the vehicle is not stopping immediately or takes too much distance to stop. You should take your car to the service station nearby to check out the brake system if this situation has happened often.

4 – Brake Pedal totally goes down

When the brake fluid is totally finished due to some opening point is there, Brake pedal goes down completely. This condition has occurred if you don’t notice the spongy brake or low level of fluid earlier.

Don’t wait for this situation. This symptom can damage your car and also you take your life into a dangerous mode. So be aware of brakes before driving the car.

5 – Drops of Brake Fluid (puddle)

Sometimes, fluid starts to leak from calliper-piston. There are possibilities of either piston seal rubber is worn out or brake fluid hose is not properly fitted to the calliper. Also, check for tightness of air-bleeding screw. 

Brake pads if completely worn out then the piston is moved out of calliper assembly, then fluid starts to leak. This is a very rare situation. 

In both cases, brake fluid is dropped either on the wheel or on the ground. If this leakage you found then check for the level of fluid.

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