How to fix Code P0138

Nowadays Vehicles have equipped with many electronic & electrical technologies. Such advancements are becoming helpful in diagnosing the vehicle’s problem also.

ECM, Sensors & Circuits altogether measure & analyze live vehicle parameters. According to this, It is getting very simple to detect the problem with unnecessary changes in required sensor signals.

Vehicle’s problems are stored as DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Code). Such Trouble codes show a kind of a problem in your vehicle by illuminating the check engine light. You have now got a clear-cut indication that it needs to be fixed.

In this article, We have discussed the fixing procedure of code P0138 by which you would get an information regarding how to fix this code P0138. P0138 code indicates high voltage signal from O2 Sensor Circuit (Bank 1, Sensor 2).

1 – Remove Additional Codes

First step is to remove additional codes if exist regarding other problems because once the error occurs in the system, other DTCs can also be stored.

2. Inspect O2 Sensor & Wiring

Do some visual inspection of O2 Sensor & Its wiring circuit for any physical damages present there. There may be a possibility of shortage or corrosion in the wiring circuit. Also check exhaust leak to verify main fault.

3. Check Voltage

Everytime it is a mandatory process for checking the voltage resistance of any sensor. So Go through the process of checking the voltage with the help of multimeter whether it is in the specified limit or not.

4. Replace damaged Parts

After getting the faulty voltage reading, You have to go for replacing the O2 Sensor. If wiring problem is there then work on that wiring issue.

5. Check Coolant temp & Fuel Pressure

Before & After replacing the sensor, You have to understand other problems regarding fuel & Coolant. Fuel Pressure & Coolant Temperature must be in an optimum working range.

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