How to Fix Code P0405

Any Diagnostic Trouble Code has to be removed by the proper method of fixing it. Today’s Automobiles are equipped with electronic enhancements such as Control Modules, Sensor Circuits, Actuators & electrical technologies.

ECM detects the fault according to the signal received from a sensor & shows it on the dashboard screen as a Check Engine Light. Once this light is illuminated we have to stop driving as early as possible.

Further procedure is to take our vehicle to the expert mechanic who would be able to remove this problem with the help of OBD2 scanning tool. You have to know these repairing methods regarding the fixing of Code P0405.

1 – Additional DTCs (Check & Remove)

Check for additional DTCs is the
first step towards diagnosing any trouble code. Stored faults will make the diagnosing process difficult while scanning with OBD2 tool. If Additional DTCs are present then Clear them & Go for actual diagnosis of Code P0405.

2 – Inspect EGR Valve

Check EGR Valve & It’s Wiring Circuit for any kind of physical damage. Also check vacuum hoses if EGR is Vacuum-Actuated. If There is any damage found then It must be rapaired sooner without wasting time.

3 – Open EGR Valve – Command

EGR position sensor can be helpful in commanding the EGR Valve Open just to sense an open position of the EGR Valve. In a scanning tool, there is a command of Open EGR Valve. If there is a problem regarding EGR then Sensor can’t show the 100% value.

4 – Reference Circuit Voltage

Check EGR Valve’s Reference circuit voltage (5V) with the help of a multimeter. If 5 volts is not observed then There may be a chance of short-to-ground or open wire condition. You have to keep Ignition ON while checking the voltage.

5 – Jump Voltage from reference to signal circuit

You can jump the voltage (5V) of reference wire to the signal wire of the EGR Valve’s circuit. In this case, There should be a 100% Reading given by the EGR Position Sensor. If It is not 100%, then check the signal circuit for “ground” or “open” Condition.

If All above fixing methods are failed then go for replacing the EGR Valve.

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