Hybrid Car Oil Change, Oil Type, Other Maintenance.

Nowadays, Hybrid cars are more likely to get the attention of people. A few decades ago you can’t even think two Powers would be used for running the vehicle. As per requirement, Cars should have lower exhaust emission and greater fuel economy. These two benefits you get in one model, That’s the ‘ Hybrid type ‘ model.

Hybrid cars are running on both the combination of electric motor and IC engines. We know about IC Engine’s working but another power supply which is Electrical motor, powered by a rechargeable battery.

Benefits of hybrid cars –
• lower emissions.
• better fuel economy.
• silent running (noise reduction)
• Hybrid cars don’t pressurize only the Engine. The electrical motor is also used when you need to go for a particular distance. You only make sure that the battery is recharged.

• Maintenance schedule

One power source is an IC engine for hybrid cars so you need to do its periodic maintenance.

  • Oil Change
  1. Over the period, the oil loses its viscosity.
  2. Oil change must be done as per the completion of miles/km Or years.
  3. You don’t care if you have lower distance traveling but should be aware of time (period). you must change the oil after completion of one year.
  4. whenever an odometer shows 5k miles / 10k km running then oil must be changed.
  5. This period can be increased if you go with synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is expensive but you get in the safer side against the proper care for it.

Oil Type

  1. Please take instructions according to the car’s manual. Conventional or synthetic oil may be used.
  2. For hybrid cars, many brands recommend the synthetic 0W20/5W40 oil for
    better lubrication and performance.
  3. The maintenance schedule becomes longer with synthetic oil.

Oil Change Cost

  1. Oil change Cost is similar to Normal gasoline engines.
  2. If you want to use Synthetic oil then the only cost may increase.
  3. Oil can be changed at regular or local garages. Only you have to know the correct grade of oil. They can charge in between $ 60 -$ 100. Dealership’s rates are higher than this.

• Other maintenance –

1 – In Regular service, you will see the general check-up is done. On the other hand, some filters (air/oil) and oil are changed. But you should be aware regularly about oil, antifreeze, and washer fluid levels.

2 – Anyone can find the difficulty with its electrical maintenance or repairing some maintenance parts then It is better to take your car in the dealership’s authorized service center.

3 – General tire maintenance like balancing, alignment are the same as the other conventional cars.

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