Bad Timing belt symptoms and replacement cost

What is the timing belt?

The engine should work like a diesel engine cycle or petrol engine cycle. When this is done, fuel entry and exhaust, into the engine should be done as per a specific timing. It has a valve system. The system is rotated with a belt through the crank system. The timing of both of these needs to be smooth. Timing belts are used to adjust the timing of both. Since the timing belt is made of rubber, it will eventually wear out. It needs to be replaced as it gets old and damaged. Each car has a fixed time that it wants to change. Changing this belt doesn’t do you a lot of damage. You may need to change the engine parts if the timing belt is damaged or broken. It costs a lot.

Functions of Timing Belts –

The timing belt gets rotated with the camshaft and the crankshaft. The crankshaft that attaches to the engine’s piston and the camshaft that is responsible for opening and closing the valve. Both of these shafts are rotated with the timing belt set to a specific position. The timing belt controls the timing of the crankshaft and camshaft. So this belt plays an important role in engine work.

Symptoms of bad timing belt –

How can we identify a bad or worn timing belt? If we know such symptoms, we can avoid major harm. To identify some of the symptoms, you need to be very careful while driving. Once you notice these symptoms, you can check the timing belt by showing it to the mechanic. The timing belt can be replaced if needed.

1 – Engine won’t start (starting trouble)

If you are hitting the starter and the vehicle does not start, it may be because the timing belt is too worn out or its teeth were broken. If the timing belt hits the pulley gear and sleeps, then you should go to the service station when the crank and cam cannot make a time to rotate properly.

2 – Engine Misfiring

If timing is a bit worsened, the crankshaft and camshaft will not match over time, and so the fuel doesn’t burn properly and because of that, engine firing is changed, sometimes the piston will also sound. Because there will be a direct connection between the valve and the piston. If you see any symptoms, change the timing belt immediately. Belt teeth may be damaged.

3 – Idling Harsh or Noisy

The teeth on the timing belt hold the gear tight. If these teeth become too rough and a tooth is squeezed, the belt will fall through the neck. This can make a difference in engine timing. And it will sound a little different when the engine is on. The engine will not run smoothly.

If you find that your engine is running at a different rate, show the car to the service station immediately. This symptom may be a bad timing belt.

4 – Exhaust smoke

If your car is smoking too much, it can also be caused by a timing belt. If you see any symptoms, show the car at the service station. At the top of each cylinder, the head has two holes, the exhaust, and two holes through which the air-fuel mixer comes in. It is balanced by the camshaft and crankshaft. If the teeth of the timing belt are broken, the valves will not open properly and then the car will release too much smoke due to unburnt fuel mixture.

5 – Damaged piston or bent valve

The biggest symptom is if the engine falls off. If the timing belt is broken, it can be very damaging to you. The crankshaft will rotate automatically and the piston will then strike to the valves and the clash will take place. Pistons can also be damaged. You must not restart the vehicle to save the engine.

Replacement Cost to change the timing belt –

Timing belt replacement depends on the car manufacturer’s schedule. If there is an original timing belt, it will cost a lot because it has to be replaced with a tensioner and idler pulley as well. If changing the timing belt can take a long time, so can the costs of labor.

If the car is small, it will cost less because then the engine will be smaller. All things can happen in a short time. On the contrary, if the car is large, the time required is longer and the wages are higher. The cost of replacing the original timing belt can usually be $200 to $400.

When should the timing belt get changed?

The timing belt must be changed according to the auto manufacturer’s schedule. If your car is running between 80000 km – 100000 km, the timing belt should be changed. Check the manual in your vehicle’s schedule. You can extend the work of any other vehicle for a while, but the timing belt is the part that must be replaced over time.

Are you capable to change it?

Changing the timing belt is the job of a good technician. He takes the time properly and does all the work on the left side of the engine. At this point, he has to be very careful. With the help of specific tools, he can make that work possible. Usually, in many cars the engine has to be supported below. This work is very urgent. Not any other person can do that job. If a technician is new, he is not given the job in his hands. Because he doesn’t have that much experience. Considering all of this, you will know how important the timing belt is.

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