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3 Major Signs of a Bad Clutch Master Cylinder




You may have heard about the clutch master cylinder failure and its symptoms. In this article, we have discussed briefly the signs that tell us it’s a failure. Gear Shifting problem, dirty or bad clutch fluid and clutch pedal dysfunctioning, low clutch fluid level, these are some symptoms.

A clutch master Cylinder is observed in the hydraulic clutch system. A lot of vehicles are there with manual transmission and a hydraulically operated clutch system. When we press the clutch pedal, fluid is pressurized with the help of a Master cylinder and further, it goes to the slave cylinder to disengage the clutch.

The master cylinder is operated a lot of times during driving while shifting the gears so it may fail after a certain period of time. Its failure or life depends on the clutch fluid quality and the way we operate the clutch pedal. Also, we have to understand that it’s not like that hard component which has life- long guarantee.

1 – The clutch pedal doesn’t work properly

The first thing that anyone would notice is, the clutch pedal is not working properly means it is malfunctioning with its operation. the clutch pedal seems spongy or soft during operation. This abnormal function of the clutch pedal you can easily realize.

2 – Gear Shifting Problem

If Any problem arose with the clutch system, it directly affects the shifting. Clutch is always engaged with flywheel and transmission systems. When we press the clutch pedal, the clutch plate is disengaged from the main flywheel. In other words, the clutch loses its surface contact with flywheel then we can shift the gear in running condition.

This disengagement happens smoothly if the hydraulic clutch system works properly. If the Master cylinder failed that causes not to lose the clutch plate from flywheel which results in hard gear shifting.

3 – Low or dirty clutch fluid

Perhaps the Clutch fluid also is one of the reasons for the bad master cylinder. The low fluid causes the vacuum in the pipes so not required pressure is achieved to operate the clutch smoothly. This abnormal condition results in the failure of the clutch master cylinder.

You should check the clutch system for leakage. Leakage can cause a low level of fluid. Dirty fluid can cause damage to the rubber sealing in the cylinder and further, a cylinder may leak.

Precautions –

1 – operate the clutch pedal smoothly and properly
2 – aware of clutch fluid and its quality.
3 – Gear shifting problems should be resolved as soon as possible.
4 – Don’t try to repair the clutch master cylinder. Always replace it with a new one.


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