5 Reasons or Causes for uneven brake pads wear

Brake pad wear is a common thing, you can not take it as a warranty part. As your braking does the effect on pads, they start wearing. But if you found that brake pads are unevenly wearing then you should know the reasons for it. In this article, we have discussed the reasons for uneven wear of the pads.

Brake pads are the most essential parts of the disc braking system. They generally do friction against rotor disc in terms of stopping the vehicle. They are fitted within the calliper. When you press the brake pedal, calliper piston put the force on the pads to rub against rotor disc. Friction material of the pads is reduced in this process. It would have worn evenly otherwise, the brake system will not function well.

The following five causes are there for brake pads to wear out unevenly on each side of the vehicle.

1 – Different Rotor Thickness

If rotor disc thickness is reduced over a period of time then you will have a problem with brake pads to wear out quickly and unevenly. The outer variable part should not be there with rotor disc.

Sometimes you to be very careful with both sides of the rotor disc about their thickness. Rotors have two surfaces to friction against pads so if one of the sides is uneven or variable in thickness then you will be definitely suffered this problem of brake pad wear.

2 – Calliper Pistons and pins get rusted

If the piston of a calliper is jammed or it is rusted then it will not function well according to required movement. It will have to slide or move in and out correctly so the brake system will work smoothly.

Brake pads are pressed against the disc with the help of a piston. If pistons got some debris or rust then brake pads on that side wear out quickly and unevenly.

3 – Warped or faulty Rotor

Warped or faulty rotor can cause this type of problem. If Brake pads are rubbed against this kind of rotor disc then it is real uneven wear out. You can feel roughness or linings on the rotor visually or just by a simple touch.

If a new rotor is not fitted properly then it will have the wrong angled rotations from the fronter view this causes the rotor to warp quickly which further results in wearing out the pads. This rotor disc is heated quickly.

4 – Improper brake pads adjustment

Brake pads should be well aligned and fitted in a proper way. Brake pads have metal covers which protect them against calliper toes. Brake pads sometimes if not fitted properly then this uneven wear-out problem arises.

This may be the fault of the mechanic while the fitment of the pads.

5 – Duplicate or faulty brake pads

Sometimes the original pads have more cost than actually we think. In this case, we use local or duplicate pads, these pads do not get matched with the brake system or their friction material is of a low quality so these brake pads don’t need any reason to wear out. They wear out just by their own quality of manufacturing.

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