Code P0133 – Symptoms & Causes

Diagnostic Trouble Codes are understood as certain problems produced in the vehicle system. Electronic components such as Sensors, Actuators & ECM are capable of detecting such problems & Show them as a check engine light initially for driver’s consideration.

These faults are diagnosed with the help of a scanning tool but before that, You have to know about their Symptoms & Causes. In this article, We have discussed about such Code P0133, also it’s symptoms & Causes for better understanding of the diagnosis process.

With the help of simple knowledge of Signs & Reasons, You will prefer the best diagnosing procedure for the Code P0133. This Code is related with emission System & O2 Sensor Circuit.

What is Code P0133 –

Code P0133 describes the slow response from Oxygen Sensor (Bank1, Sensor1) to the PCM. It means Sensor Signal is relatively slower than required. It creates further problems as described in following symptoms.

Symptoms of Code P0133 –

• Check Engine Light

• Engine stalling

• Poor fuel economy

• Rough Idle

• Acceleration Problems

• Exhaust Gas Smell / Excessive Exhaust Gas

Above problems arise due to problematic functionality of O2 Sensor. ECM/PCM clearly notices that & illuminates the check engine light. Sometimes other signs like Poor Acceleration, Poor fuel economy, Rough Idle, Engine Stalling are also considerable things for this Code P0133.

Slow response from O2 Sensor affects the control module’s functionality about monitoring the air – fuel ratio also. This causes the excessive Exhaust emissions or Exhaust gas smell.

For the Code P0133, Check Engine Light & Engine stalling are primary symptoms but other symptoms can also be detected in certain unusual running conditions If you avoid this issue at initial level.

Causes of Code P0133 –

• Faulty O2 sensor

• Sensor Wiring Circuit Failure

• Engine vacuum leak

• Exhaust leak

• Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

Slow Response from O2 sensor affects the vehicle’s functional parameters. So It needs to be diagnosed as quickly as possible by considering the above Causes.

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