P0402 Code – DTC, It’s Symptoms & Causes.

In this Article, We have discussed all the info about P0402 Code, It’s Symptoms and Causes.

Check Engine Light, when it gets illuminated, Every Person should not drive a car long way down. It is just an indication that a car engine or any electrical or electronic fault is present there. That fault is diagnosed with a scanning tool as DTC has been shown.

Every DTC has some trouble related to it. Code P0402 means There is an Excessive EGR Flow. There is a problem with Exhaust gas which is being recirculated into Intake Manifold.

It just means that ECM registered the trouble code regarding excessive Exhaust gases are recirculated.

Symptoms of Code P0402

• Check Engine Light –

This is an indication that a car has some kind of problem. ECM detects the problem of Excessive EGR Flow and assists you to diagnose it through a scanning tool. You should not drive the car anymore if this check engine light persists.

• Rough Idle –

Rough Idle is the symptom due to excessive EGR flow. ECM can’t find a way to operate intake air-fuel charge. So as a result Rough Idle is there.

• Exhaust Leak –

Any excess can leak out. Exhaust gases after recirculation could be leaked out through the tailpipe means You can also see it visually. You go through the process to inspect all possible causes related to excessive exhaust gas flow.

Causes of Code P0402

• Faulty EGR valve –

The main aspect of this code P0402 is excessive EGR flow. So Anyway, You think about the EGR Valve. It could be faulty or would be carbon-filled. So Cleaning the EGR valve could also be done.

• Faulty EGR electrical circuit –

Electrical Circuit of EGR valve should be inspected. Damaged or defective EGR electrical circuit could be the reason for code P0402.

• Lack of vacuum to EGR valve

EGR valve Operation should be moderated and maintained. So Lack of Vacuum to EGR valve can be the reason for code P0402.

• Differential pressure/temperature sensor Failure –

This could also be the cause for code P0402. Any sensor failure would be recorded as a fault in ECM.

• ECM Issues –

Anyhow, If You failed to diagnose that DTC then checks for ECM updates or programming. Also, software Issues would be present there in a system.

How to Fix –

A skilled Professional and scanning tool is required to diagnose this code P0402. Perform all acts related to DTC Causes also check for additional DTC’s, EGR Valve, Damaged Wiring, Sensors, and hoses, Check Live Engine Parameters, etc.

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