5 Signs or Symptoms of a bad serpentine belt

Symptoms of a bad serpentine belt are easily noticeable. We have discussed those signs that you will know while driving the car. Though it is an important part, It has no life-long warranty or guarantee for it’s working. It is made up of rubber so it gets worn out after specific time.

A Serpentine belt is also known as accessory drive belt. Main function of this belt is to move alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and AC compressor. All this relevant components are arranged on left side of the engine.

1 – Squealing Noise

Driver can easily heard this squealing noise which comes from engine area. If you are too smart to understand, then you will hear this sound from left side of the engine. ( you should stand in front of your car. )

If serpentine belt is too worn out or becomes loose then this problem arises. Another possibility is, it gets misaligned or not properly fixed on all pulleys.

2 – AC is not working

If air conditioning gets lowered or completely stopped then there is a possibility of bad or broken serpentine belt. Cooling gas is present within the system but bacause of ac compressor stop working, gas is not pressurised. Air conditioning has lot of reasons for not working well but you can check for serpentine belt.

3 – Power Steering is affected

Hydraulic driven power steering doesn’t work if it doesn’t get the fluid supply. Power steering fluid is provided by the pump to steer the vehicle with less efforts. This pump is driven by serpentine belt. If belt is broken or cut then there is a problem with power steering.

You can recognize this problem easily with hard steering.

4 – Overheated Engine

Many cars have water pump which is driven by serpentine belt. Engine can be overheated with lack of coolant circulation. There are various reasons for engine overheating but you can check for belt also. This problem arises because of water pump if It is not driven by serpentine belt. Damaged or
cut belt can cause this type of symptom. You should not drive your car with high engine temperature.

5 – Belt is Cracked

We can see cracks on the belt visually. If belt becomes too hard then cracks form. Such belt can be replaced as early as possible. Every time, you must be aware for cracks at Car’s periodic service. Any mechanic can easily show and tell you about the condition of the belt after removing it.

Possible causes / Reasons of a bad serpentine belt

Nowdays, belt fitting systems are good. Tensioner is fixed with required tension. You have to just move it with spanner and fix the belt. But some old versions have the adjuster for tightning or loosening the belt. You can adjust the tension of a belt.

Following points are the causes of bad serpentine belt –

1 – Belt is Replaced with a new one of low quality and poor life.

2 – Too much tighten with tensioner.

3 – Belt is kept loose. ( not given required tension )

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