5 Causes Or Reasons of ECM failure and Precautions

ECU is the short form of the Engine Control Unit. It is also known as ECM ( Engine Control Module ). Before We are going to know the Causes of ECM failure, we should know the basic information regarding ECU/ECM. It is used to operate, optimize and control the various sensors and actuators with the help of electronic and electrical components.

Today, Mechanical work is only up to IC Engine’s work in the car. A lot of electrical and electronics components altogether come into the operational system to moderate and control the engine and other parameters.

• Working of ECU/ECM

Sensors gather the data and send the signals to ECU. ECU with all it’s fed Information monetizes it and shows the required indication to be performed in the form of warning lights. Or In the other case, ECU will send the signals to operate the actuators. Actuators will be operated automatically.

If this, one of the important and expensive ECM fails then you will have to face adverse operating situations with the engine of your car. The following causes are very briefly discussed which will gonna be helped you.

• Causes / Reasons for ECM Failure

  1. Corrosion

The main reason for ECU failure is corrosion. A Seal is provided for protecting the ECU against moisture or any fluid. After a few years, a seal may worn out, then any foreign particles or moisture can easily go inside the ECU body then corrosion will start which results in failure of components in the ECU.

2. Dead Battery

If Any battery cell is dead then ECM will fail as early as it can. ECM needs the battery to function well. If any indication or warning regarding battery is illuminated on the dashboard then check the battery. Due to less power, ECM will start the malfunctioning.

3. Jump Start

If you put the battery jump-start cables in the wrong way to start the vehicle then it will short out the ECU seriously. So hereafter you should be aware of jump cables.

4. Low Voltage

To perform all it’s functions well, ECU needs the voltage above 9V. If the wiring harness or battery shows the voltage below 6V, then there will be a chance of ECM Malfunctioning.

5. Starter Problem

This is a rare type of situation but if a car has a starter with an override sensor then that sensor manages the voltage feedback with ECU.

ECU won’t get the correct feedback if this sensor gets failed. Other problems will arise. Another possibility with ECM failure will be replacing the original starter with duplicate one which has no override sensor. If That starter is not compatible with ECU. Both will malfunction.

• Precautions to take –

ECM is an expensive part of the car. It controls and monitors all electrical and electronics functions so you have to be very aware of these reasons for failure.

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