Key Stuck in Ignition: Reasons and Solutions for Key Stuck

If your car key does not come out of Ignition then it will be a problem for you. If this happens, you do not deliberately try to remove the key or else you may have to suffer heavy losses. There can be many reasons for the key ignition to fall. I am going to tell you those reasons and Best Solutions for Key Stuck in Ignition today.

There is a different type of lock for each key so that it can come out easily and this is why the key of the other car cannot run your car. You can damage the ignition by forceful removal. If the key gets stuck many times, then it should be shown at the service station immediately. Do not try to repair yourself. Some of the reasons for key capture are given below.

Reasons for Key Stuck in Ignition

Reasons for Key Stuck in Ignition

You have to understand the key structure so that you do not tamper with it. There can be many reasons for sticking the key. You will be benefited by knowing them. You also need to know about the potential harm with the information. Some major reasons have been counted.

1. Position of the Gear

After stopping the car, set the gear  position before removing the key from the ignition. If your car is automatic then you will have to keep the gear parked. If the gear is on drive or neutral position, the key will not come out. P is highlighted in an automatic car.   

In a manual transmission, make sure the gear shifter is “neutral” and not in any other gear. 

2. Dead Battery

If the battery is dead and the key is stuck in the ignition then you cannot remove it because the ignition system needs to be turned off to remove the key and it requires battery supply. If your battery is dead due to ignition on then you will not be able to remove the key.

3. Steering Lock

If you are rotating the steering while removing the key, the steering is not locked and the key cannot be removed. The ignition cylinder lock and the steering wheel lock are the same. If you have to remove the key, the steering will have to rotate a bit here and there. Then you can remove the key or start the car.

4. Damaged Key

The key sometimes goes bad with too much use. Metal is worn by rotating it repeatedly. And sometimes you play with the key. Using it to parse any rough surface can damage the key. Sometimes the key can also be crooked. Because of that even if your use is not good, it will be very difficult to remove the key from the ignition.

5. Damaged Ignition Cylinder

The ignition cylinder is also damaged, making it difficult to remove the key. Sometimes bad manufacturing can cause ignition cylinders to fail. If the ignition cylinder is removed and repaired several times, then it can be difficult to come out, only the key gets stuck in it.

If there is an ignition lock cylinder that is about to fail then it may prevent your key from exiting. This is because inside the ignition lock there are rows of spring-loaded pins that correspond to the size of the key. If this spring-loaded pin is damaged, it may prevent you from removing the key.

Solutions for Key Stuck in Ignition

Solutions for Key Stuck in Ignition
  • At all times, remove the key only after setting the parking gear and if in manual transmission, remove the key after setting it to neutral.
  • If you have set the gear correctly and the key still does not come out, then slowly start rotating the steering wheel and try pulling slowly, then only the key will come out.
  • In many vehicles, if you try to remove the key quickly, the safety technic puts extra pressure on the ignition lock mechanism and prevents the key from exiting. By slightly moving the steering wheel, the pressure on the lock is removed and the key is easy to eject.
  • If the key is getting stuck in the ignition cylinder a little, do not deny it. After some time the ignition cylinder or key will malfunction. Because of that, the key can get stuck completely. And will be difficult to remove.
  • If the key has become more damaged, replace it. Using the same key can harm you.

What if all methods are going to fail? (Last Option)

If the synonym fails to remove the key, then a mechanic must break it. He can also choose which way. The ignition cylinder will have to be replaced with a new cylinder later. The mechanic may use the measures given below.

1. Ignition cylinder break

2. Cutting key with saws or blades

3. Try to remove the key by heating the whole ignition cylinder out and heating it.

I hope you got your solution with “FindCarSolution”. So comment us What you think about our Key Stuck in Ignition solution and if you have any then let us know. We will definitely publish on our article.

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