How to Remove a Stuck Oil Filter (And Causes of Stuck Oil Filter)

This article is all about How to Remove a Stuck Oil Filter. Oil filter sometimes can’t be removed easily. You can refer following methods to remove it anyway.

The oil filter is a removable and main part of the engine. It helps to filter the oil impurities and other contaminants. Further, it circulates the pure oil to the engine.

At the maintenance schedule, the oil filter needs to be replaced with a new one. For this purpose, an older oil filter should be removed without any difficulty. But sometimes it can’t get off easily and gets stuck to the engine body.

In this regard, We have given methods by which removing the oil filter gets easily done when it gets stuck. First of all, You have to understand the possible causes of a stuck oil filter.

Causes of Stuck Oil Filter |

• Not putting a thin layer of new oil around the O – ring while replacing the Filter.

• If the oil filter gets too tight which results in not be removed easily.

• Not using the appropriate new oil filter. (Unbranded)

Stuck Oil Filter Removing Methods | 3 Possible Ways |

1 – Oil Filter Wrench

Oil filter spanners and wrenches are widely available so you can use them initially with proper fitment. Various sizes are available for such wrenches.

If the oil filter gets stuck then you would require more power to remove it. Please avoid the slipping of the wrench over the oil filter. In that reference, Use a rubber gripped wrench which would be useful for removing the oil filter.

2 – Sandpaper

Sandpaper could be another option for removing the oil filter. Sandpaper has extra grit and a rough surface that helps to grip the oil filter tightly and just with a little bit of power you can remove it by hand or by wrench fitting around it.

3 – Screwdriver and Hammer

The oil filter is roundly fitted with the engine oil body. If it is finally not possible to remove then you can use the screwdriver and hammer to remove the oil filter.

You should hit with the screwdriver on the oil filter by using hammer such as it gets spun around a bit which is actually occurred by screwdriver tip is passing the oil filter resulting in the removing of the oil filter possible. 

Another method is to break the upper body surface of the oil filter and then remove it either by plier or by any tool.

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