Top 7 Symptoms of a Blown Transmission that you should know |

Blown or failed transmission may be easily understood by the symptoms. Immediately you have to take action after you notice this problem otherwise you will have a great expense on repairing a transmission system. In this article, We have discussed the symptoms that can be noticeable just by your awareness.

Smooth driving is only possible if speed variation is there. You can change the speed by changing the gears. The engine is working on the amount of air-fuel mixture and gives optimum torque to the transmission but the transmission system further provides the variable torques to the wheels.

If any failure has come into such a transmission system then it will be difficult to drive smoothly. The following 7 symptoms are the symptoms for the blown transmission.

1 – Grinding or grating Gears

Grinding or grating gear noise is there as you hear it properly. You will come to the conclusion and say there is a clutch problem. But surely you have to confirm it from an experienced mechanic. There might be chances for failed transmission gears also.

2 – Hard Gear shifting

This is one of the important and serious symptoms. How could it be possible to know that car’s transmission is failed. The very common symptom is gears become hard to shift as we try to shift them. It is very frustrating if it has happened while driving.

3 – Check Engine Light

Warning lights are illuminated on the dashboard if any problem is there regarding the engine compartment. If the check Engine light is flashed, you have to check it for trouble code by using a diagnostic scanning tool.

4 – Oil puddle or stain on the ground floor

There might be chances for the leakage if the transmission is blown. You can check it below your car on the ground floor. After standing in one place, leaked transmission oil is dropped on that place below the car. It may appear as a puddle or stains.

5 – Unusual Noises ( whining or buzzing )

Whatever type of transmission your car has, whether it is automatic or manual, It is nothing different with unusual noises from the transmission system. Whining or buzzing noise is the outcome of the blown transmission. You can solve this problem by taking your car to the mechanic.

6 – Noise in Neutral position

Any transmission which is in good condition can’t make noise while the car is in a neutral position. If you have faced the noise problem in the neutral gear position then surely there is a problem in the transmission. To reduce further harm, Check it from a mechanic or take your car to the nearer garage.

7 – Burning Smell

Transmission system gets overheated if sufficient fluid is not present within the system. Then, there is a burning smell of the fluid which is actually getting burnt due to the heat produced. You have to address this problem to the nearer service station.

If you find this problem when you are out of the city, don’t drive the car. If you drive with the blown transmission, you can put the transmission into a serious situation.

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