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Top 5 Symptoms of a Bad or Failed Power Steering Pump |




Power Steering Pump failure is occurred due to many reasons but in that regard, you should know and understand the symptoms of a bad power steering pump.

The power Steering system is a technology by which steering a car is easily and smoothly done. There are two types of power steering, electric and hydraulic. The power steering pump is used for the hydraulic system.

If you are aware of symptoms of its failure, you can reduce the further damage so Now, Let’s see, what are the symptoms of a failed power steering pump.

1 – Low Power Steering Fluid

The first and foremost symptom is a low fluid level. You should check the fluid level first if any problem occurs regarding the power steering. If Power steering is running on a low fluid level, You may face serious adversities about driving. After some period of time, Pump can also be failed because its operation is continuous with minimum fluid.

There is a chance for leakage if the fluid level is low. You can check it visually by opening the bonnet or look for oil puddle under the car.

2 – Steering Effort is increased

You may hear the word, hard steering. This may be because failed power steering pump. Steering efforts are largely increased. You may set your expense as low as possible if you solve this problem as early as possible. You must check first the level of steering fluid before going to any conclusion.

3 – Visible change in fluid properties

While checking the level of fluid, always aware of the colour of the fluid. Normally red-brown colour is observed for power steering fluid but if you see changes in colour or fluid’s viscosity then it can further damage the pump inside. If air and moisture come into the reservoir then there will be chances for oxidation or properties change of the fluid.

Another chance is there which is contamination. If metal or dirt particles you found in the fluid then that particles may damage the pump. This symptom should always be taken into consideration for a bad pump.

4 – Squealing Noise on starting or turning the car.

When you start a car. Initially, Due to a bad pump, squealing noise comes. Sometimes bad or loose accessory belt may be the reason for that also but never take away your note from the power steering pump. Always check for that.

If squealing noise is heard while turning the car then you can predict about power steering pump failure. Before going in any conclusion, you must check firstly, the tightness of the accessory belt.

Whining or Groaning type of noise can be permanent if the largely damaged pump is in running condition. It is continuously there in driving condition whether you accelerate or deaccelerate.

5 – Steering Wheel doesn’t perform well

Steering wheel operation should be smooth and accurately as we try to turn or drive the car. Pressurized fluid should be equally acted in power steering system otherwise steering wheel doesn’t perform or operate well. Power steering pump failure can also be the reason for that.

For your safety, this symptom should not be taken lightly. Take your vehicle to the nearest service station.


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