Top 3 Symptoms of a Bad AC Compressor in a Car |

There are common 3 symptoms for any AC compressor failure. These symptoms can be easily noticeable. They are as follows,
• Noise from the compressor
• No cooling effect
• Refrigerant leakage

A refrigerant flow must be constantly flowing through the AC hose pipes and should provide an optimum cooling effect. This cooling effect is generated because of refrigerant which is pressurized by the AC Compressor.

If you are getting a cooling effect then you should not be worried about any component failure in an AC system. But it sometimes may happen, then the following symptoms are useful to you for getting the real problem cause whether it is a bad compressor or any other system failure.

1 – Noise from the compressor

When You start AC means you turned on the AC switch, Immediately you can hear the harsh noise from the compressor. This noise is coming because the compressor’s components have been failed internally. This noise can irritate someone So by preventing further damage, replace the compressor with a new one.

There is no restriction in the cooling effect but that noise makes us harrassed, therefore, it is safe advice that you don’t make delay for replacing the compressor.

2 – Hot air ( No cooling effect )

If the compressor is completely failed means it doesn’t circulate the refrigerant then you will definitely get warm air instead of cool air. The compressor is the main reason to circulate the refrigerant otherwise that air conditioning is not possible that is why Hot air you get, as a result.

Check for the AC switch connection also before you make any conclusion about the compressor.

3 – Leaking Fluid (Refrigerant)

Refrigerant is highly protected against leakage. Hose pipes and total AC system are connected through seals and proper joining. The compressor itself has bearings to prevent leakage.

If compressor failed inside means bearing failure or damage would have been there then that pressure is not handled by bearings and started to leak out the refrigerant. This leakage can be found easily by various methods.

The general cause for failure of the compressor :

If you use AC on a large basis then a lot of times, a compressor is in working condition. That working puts extra stress on a compressor and though it is a mechanical part, it is worn out or gets damaged over the period of time.

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