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Tata tiago: Features, Price and Engine performance




Hello, Today we are going to review best seller and Subcompact Car of the year…Tata tiago! Also we are sharing all features, engine performance and price with you. So lets begin…

Tata tiago is a best Subcompact Car. Its very economical and good looking car. Also its Mileage on the highway is above 22 km/l and in city traffic, it is 14 to 15 km/l. Reviews wise and feature wise its a best car to buy. Lets start with its feature…

Tata tiago Key features: 

– Passenger comfort. 

– Best safety features in a reasonable prize. 

– Modified Revotron and Revotorq engine. 

– AMT is available

With all these key features, Tiago makes its own stand into the market. Renault kwid is the main competitor for Tiago but if the belief comes into account then you should definitely go with Tata Tiago. 

Tata tiago body Specifications: 

Tata tiago specification

– Alloy wheels. 

– 35 litre fuel tank capacity. 

– 3746 × 1647 × 1535 dimensions in mm (LWH). 

– XE, XM, XZ configurations.

Tata tiago Engine and Transmission:

For Petrol Engine:

1. Engine type – revotron

2. Displacement– 1199cc

3. Max. Power – 83.83 bhp @ 6000rpm

4. Max. Torque-114 [email protected] 3500rpm

5. Fuel tank capacity– 35 litre

6. Fuel Economy – 23.84 kpl

7. No. of Cylinder – 3

For Diesel Engine:

1. Engine type – revotorq

2. Displacement – 1047cc

3. Max. Power – 69 [email protected] 4000rpm

4. Max. Torque – 140Nm @ 1800 – 3000rpm

5. Fuel tank capacity– 35 litre

6. Fuel Economy – 27.28 kpl

7. No. of Cylinder – 3

Tata tiago Price:

Specifications are different according to their models and configuration. So Tata tiago prices are also varied in range. 

Diesel Variants:

No.Tata tiago car modelTata tiago Price
1 Tiago XE  5.25* lakh
2 Tiago XM 5.75* lakh
3 Tiago XZ 6.15* lakh
4 Tiago XZ(O) 6.35* lakh
5 Tiago XZ plus 6.70* lakh
6 Tiago XZ plus dualtone 6.76 lakh

Petrol Variants:

No.Tata tiago car modelTata tiago Price
1 Tiago XE 4. 40* lakh
2 Tiago XM 4.89* lakh
3 Tiago XZ 5.30* lakh
4 Tiago (wizz) 5.40* lakh
5 Tiago XZ (O) 5.50* lakh
6 Tiago XZA 5.75* lakh
7 Tiago XZ plus 5.85* lakh
8 Tiago XZ plus Dualtone 5.92* lakh
9 Tiago XZA plus 6.30* lakh



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