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The All New Toyota  Glanza Overview

All new glanza

The Glanza is the product launched by Toyota with platform partnership with Suzuki. It has the same look as Baleno with minor changes in design.

                            Price 7.28 Lakhs – 9 Lakhs (ex-showroom, delhi)

it gets sparkled on launch


Fuel and capacity                : Petrol  , 37 litres

Mileage                                : 21.01 kpl (MT)/ 19.56 kpl (CVT)

Engine displacement         : 1197 cc

Power                                   : 83 PS @ 6000 rpm

                                              : 90 PS (mild-hybrid powertrain)

Torque                                 : 113 Nm @ 4400 rpm

Transmission Type            : 5 speed MT and CVT

Boot Space                         : 339 litres

Dimensions(l*w*h)          : 3995*1745*1510

rear side view

Toyota Glanza Overview

Toyota Glanza is a rebadged Baleno. So what’s the difference between them? The answer is ‘warranty’. Toyota gives you a warranty of 3 years/ 1 Lakh km, where Baleno comes with 2 years/40000 km warranty

This hatchback comes with red, white, grey, blue and silver in colour. It has the seating capacity for 5 persons.

Glanza has a 7-inch smart Playcast system and safety features such as airbags, ABS, EBD and reverse camera with sensors in higher variants.it has also the keyless start-stop button and automatic climate control system.

Glanza comes with four variants with approx. Price tags

  1. G MT  (7.28 lakhs)
  2. V MT   (7.67 lakhs)
  3. G CVT  (8.36 lakhs)
  4. V CVT   (8.99 lakhs)


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