What is Wheel alignment and How to Check Wheel alignment

What is Wheel alignment?

You will frequently hear about wheel alignment in the service center. Today, I am going to tell you how important it is to get that done. The wheel comes with a tire, rim and its arrangement that keeps rotating. Their arrangement should be so strong that their contact with the road surface should be appropriate.

How to Check Wheel alignment?

1. Straight directional stability

If your steering is straight while driving, then the car should also run straight. If your steering is straight and the vehicle is moving to the left or right side, then you should understand that the wheel alignment has gone wrong. You need to get the wheel alignment done again. You can check the alignment every time you drive. With the steering straight on the highway or directly on the road, take out the hand held on the steering, if the car is moving upright then the stability of your car is in the straight direction.

2. Rolling of the Steering

It is necessary to rotate the wheel in the same direction and accordingly in the direction of rotation of the steering. For example, if you are turning the steering to the left, then you know how much the car is rotating when the steering is rotated. If there is a difference in that, then you need to get the wheel alignment done.

3. Stability of wheel after Damping (Wheel stability after completing the turn)

After the rotation of the steering wheel, the wheels of your vehicle should also return to their original position according to the same rotation. Only then the steering geometry with the wheel of the vehicle is correct. Many times if the steering has come to the straight position, yet the vehicle does not run straight, you must make an alignment after such a condition.

Get these things done before Wheel Alignment

1. Check tire pressure

2. Do wheel balancing

Things to be done in Wheel Alignment-

The alignment machine consists of a ramp, wheel sensors, and a computer. Alignment software is already installed in that computer. After putting your car on the ramp, the necessary information of the car has to be put in the computer. Then according to the software’s alignment data, the angles and steering geometry are set accordingly.

1. Wheel sensors

Alignment sensors are placed on each wheel. So that the position of the wheel in the machine is known.

2. Straight steering

The steering is kept straight on the alignment machine according to the procedure. Then rotating the steering left and right is checked with its wheel rotation. Then steering is set directly.

3. Toe angle

Toe-in and toe-out are set in most trains. On the steering rack there is a part called tie rod end, you can set the tow angle by adjusting it.

4. Caster and camber angle

Castor and camber angles are also set in some trains.
After setting all the angles and steering geometry, the sensors on the wheel are removed. After that there is a trial of your car. Which shows whether the alignment is done properly or not.

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